The title of this blog comes from the e.e. cummings favorite “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond.” The poem embodies the romance and playfulness of discovery—a fitting reminder as I begin my summer expeditions.

I adopt mr. cummings’ ‘gladly beyond’ to describe risk and rapture. This experience sails gladly beyond previous academic experience, theory-based classrooms, comfort zones, and- in some cases- existing national borders. For this, I am more confused and more motivated than ever before.

I aim to post daily—short vignettes, research discoveries, personal reflections. Please send your thoughts and insights! I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending lots of love. I hope you will join me to ‘somewhere never travelled.’


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Devika ,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences in such an eloquent, thoughtful and informative blog. I will definitely be a captive audience to whatever you share here. It is truly inspiring and wonderful to read about your journey – you write with such flair and composure. Good luck with your travels and will look forward to reading all about your project. Lots of love – Ranjana aunty (and all the Tandons)


  2. Devika di,
    It’s such a pleasure to read this interesting blend of your thoughts. It’s amazing how you manage to notice such seemingly ordinary things and write about them in such an extraordinary way. It’s truly inspiring for me to read about your expeditions. I hope to always get an opportunity to read whatever you write. :’)


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